Worldwide presence demands the best partners globally with appropriate standards of performance.

The global selection of TCI cooperation partners has been carried out for over 25 years through intensive qualifying procedures. Over and above this, TCI is a fellow member in:

WCA World Cargo Alliance Network

WCA World Cargo Alliance Network Logistic Partnering

WCA World Cargo Alliance Projects Network

MPL Marco Polo Line Group

CGLN China Global Logistics Network

APLN Advanced Professional Logistics Network

CTL – Cargo Trans Logistik

TCU – Transcontainer Universal

SFN – Specialist Freight Network

CWN – Cargo Wolrd Network

With these logistics companies, approved for cooperation, TCI has the right partner at every location throughout the world. TCI can provide high-value performance services, if necessary directly to your customers' shelves, anywhere in the world. Just like TCI all cooperation partners work on the same of basis:

Solidarity - Professionalism - Reliability