People in the foreground. In the TCI group of companies the employee is most important. This claim is supported by the numerous employees who have worked successfully for many years in the TCI Group of companies, who gladly pass on their experience to younger colleagues.

They communicate in the most important international languages. The intercultural competence gained from this is shown in the way they interact with international customers, partners and authorities.

Proven performance quality in the company is ensured through professional training in haulage and logistics services, office administration, port logistics, stowage, and warehousing logistics. 

Especially qualified and interested employees can further their chosen studies to become logistics experts or the Hamburg Logistics Bachelor, building the basis for continued quality in services characterised in competitive international environment. Talents supported by TCI means success for customers worldwide.

Proof of the attraction of being an employee is not only the long-term service achieved by many employees in the TCI Group but also the identification that people show with the company. This grants the quality of our cooperation with our customers.