The TCI Group's consulting company's sphere of operations is to support companies from various business sectors applying for AEO status and achieving ISO certification.

To do this we utilise our wealth of expertise in logistics, in addition to our extensive experience with customs authorities.

Our experience is based on continuous in-service training and numerous successfully completed application procedures.

Since 1 January 2008 companies which deal with customs can apply for AEO status (Authorized Economic Operator). When awarded AEO certification companies receive documented evidence of their trustworthiness in global supply chains.

With our range of consulting services we would be pleased to give support in answering questions posed by the AEO questionnaire, which forms the basis of evaluation requirements for companies. We analyse present processes and conditions in your company to identify weaknesses and potential for improvement. This could for example involve measures to optimise security and fulfilment of AEO requirements in company procedures. Achieving AEO certification will enhance your competitiveness.

Today more and more companies set AEO status as a pre-requisite for their business partners. AEO status is already established as a customs seal of approval carrying with it numerous advantages.

Three different types of AEO certification can be applied for depending on your needs and requirements.

We would be pleased to support you in your efforts to achieve AEO certification.


  • AEO C Customs Simplification: Enables you to apply rapidly and easily for customs simplification.

  • AEO S Security: Based on favourable risk assessment the holders of this certificate are seldom subject to goods controls or audits. When controls are necessary they are carried out mainly at the location requested. This facilitates more efficient handling of cross-border goods movements.

  • AEO F Customs Simplification / Security combines the advantages of AEO certificates AEO C and AEO S.