Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Well away from the major transport routes, TCI Logistics Group makes sure that things keep moving in our society as well, with its long-term commitment. With various activities and in partnerships, TCI helps each individual employee to help many people at home and abroad. For the TCI Group social involvement has been a key aspect of our company philosophy from the beginning. So understandably over recent years many individual projects, both regional and international, have been supported.

The following examples show some of the projects we have already been involved in. At the same time we would be pleased, if you find this list stimulating and take the opportunity of becoming involved.

Would you or your company like to donate? Then use the link to our partners or ask us directly. Every donation helps.

TCI steps for children

Steps for Children

Since 2008 TCI and its partners have supported the activities of the "steps for children" organisation. The trust was founded in 2005 by businessman Dr. Michael Hoppe. It helps HIV / AIDS orphans above all and other traumatised and needy children and young people in Namibia. What is special about "steps for children" is that the income generated from some part projects is financially self-supporting and contributes to other social projects. The aim is help towards self-help and in the long-term to make the projects independent of donations. Dr. Michael Hoppe: "Through generous and continual donations from the TCI Logistics Group Hamburg, our children in Namibia receive great support for their education. Especially our kindergartens and soup kitchens profit from this committment. Together we are taking a large step towards our aim, to make a better future possible for the poor people in Africa through education. Thank you."

TCI mexico


In September 2013 Mexico had to fight against one of the worst natural disasters in its history. After the two serious hurricanes, "Ingrid" and "Manuel" the country was flooded with never-ending masses of water. The two storms caused serious devastation. Many people lost their lives or were made homeless. The destruction of infrastructure, educational institutions and hospitals caused food prices and inflation to soar. With donations to the Mexican Red Cross, the TCI Group was able to help locally.

TCI sternenbruecke


Since 2003 the Sternenbrücke childrens' hospice has been helping terminally ill children and young people, and since 2010 young adults up to the age of 27 as well, together with their parents and siblings or life-partners and their children to find a dignified path to death. These sick young people and their families are not only helped in the last part of their lives, but also supported with great care through long-term illness, sometimes over many years, through its respite care services programme. The Sternenbrücke services support families to relieve the load they bear because of their children's illness and help them to find strength. After the loss of their child the hospice continues to supports the families affected. Sternenbrücke is dependent on annual donations of 1.75 million euros, since only 50 percent of palliative medical care treatment is covered by health insurance and care funds. Thanks to the many donations, among them those from the TCI Group, Sternenbrücke children's hospice is open for all families affected, irrespective of their financial situation. "We are pleased that the TCI Logistics Group and their employees are at our side and we thank them for their support. Wonderful ideas such as the 'donate instead of giving gifts' campaign to mark the company's 25 anniversary, or the collection at the company staff golf tournament, support and help us on our way to help others," says Ute Nerge, manager of the Sternenbrücke children's hospice.