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Social projects of the TCI group
We from TCI International Logistics are grateful for the success which we can achieve with our company. And we want to give back at least a part of it. To initiatives that can really make a difference. Of course you are very welcome to support these projects, too.

Aktion Mensch

In 1964 “Aktion Mensch” (back then it was called “Aktion Sorgenkind”) was founded: Germany’s largest promotional and social organisation. The organisation actively supports people with disabilities and is committed to inclusion. With their social lottery they promote the assistance for disabled people and carry out educational support. Children and young people with special social difficulties are promoted by actions and fair facilities. Other social topics such as equal rights for all people are carried out with diverse campaigns. The TCI Group supported the Aktion Mensch with buying lottery tickets for a year to raffle these at the tombola of the Christmas party 2018.


The foundation was originated in 2005 by the entrepreneur Dr. Michael Hoppe. It helps HIV/AIDS orphans and other traumatized kids and teens in Namibia. The special thing about „steps for children“ is the fact that there are subprojects which are financially self-supporting and thus can generate a contribution to other social projects.

Dr. Michael Hoppe says: „Due to the generous permanent donations of the TCI Group, Hamburg, our children in Namibia get big support for their education. Especially preschools and soup kitchens benefit from this engagement. Thus we can make together a big step closer to the goal of helping poor people in Africa, experiencing a better future through education. Thank you very much!“


Since 2003 the children’s hospice „Sternenbrücke“ (star bridge) helps incurably ill children and teenagers. Since 2010 also young adults up to the age of 27 are taken care of. The goal is to enable them a dignified way towards their death. Sternenbrücke also accompanies the family in order to shoulder the burden of their child’s desease. After the loss of their child the hospice supports the family as well.

Sternenbrücke depends on donations of 1.75 million Euro per year. Only 50 percent of the palliative care is paid by the health insurance. Thanks to many donations, among others from the TCI Group, the children’s hospice Sternenbrücke can help affected families, regardless of their financial situation.

Donations for Mexico

In September 2017 Mexico was devastated by earthquakes. Millions of inhabitants had no electricity supply. Hospitals and prisons had to be evacuated. Overall more than 240 people died. Since we have an own branche in Mexico City we feel very connected with this region. The TCI Group supports reconstruction works on site with donations to the initiative „Aktion Deutschland Hilft“ (Germany helps) – under the patronage of the former German Federal President Dr. Horst Köhler .


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