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The strongest motor for a transport company:

people´s engagement.

A clear indication for the fact that our employees feel good here with us, is the low fluctuation. There are numerous colleagues who work successfully in the TCI Group for many years and who like to share their experience with younger colleagues. Because of the globality of our business teams can communicate in several languages. We are „naturally” an interculturally characterised company. That gives us a considerable advantage when dealing with international customers, partners and authorities.

The professional service quality …
is gained by the internal apprenticeship for the professions logistics manager, office administrator, specialist for port logistics, warehouse clerk and specialist for warehouse logistics. Extraordinary engaged or interested employees can be qualified for courses of studies like “specialist in freight traffic” and “Hamburg logistics bachelor”.

The human quality …
and the team spirit are developing in an open and respectful interaction. And with the common will to achieve the best possible result for our customers. This attitude can not be found in a curriculum. But it is practiced every day in every part of the company. From port logistics and customer service to the executive board.


Torben Hubert

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